Yellow Zone: How many people can travel in the same car

April 28, 2021

One of the questions that has been frequently asked for a year now is How many people can travel in the same car. In fact, due to the Coronavirus epidemic, we know very well that in addition to masks, spaces must be maintained between people.

Since April 26, many regions of Italy have once again (and finally) returned to the yellow zone, We actually saw it on Monday morningThis has changed some rules and “relaxed” obligations and prohibitions. What you need to pay attention to, however, is Car trips And the rules that must be respected in this case: The danger is to take a very severe punishment. Restrictive measures loosened across Italy will almost undoubtedly increase the number of cars in circulation. The main thing is to follow the rules used to avoid any positive cases of Covid-19.

Let’s start with Yellow areaIn the event that you are traveling with homesteads, there are clearly no prohibitions or restrictions in place. On the other hand, if you are traveling by car with relatives and friends who do not live under the same roof, then it must be remembered that it is essential to keep your distance. The number of people in the car It should not be more than three. The driver can only sit in front, behind a maximum of two people on either side and everyone must wear a mask. Only cars (or other types of vehicles) that aren’t on them Wearing a mask is mandatory During the trips they are those in which a physical separator was installed in plexiglass, with the aim of dividing the different rows of seats. Children under 6 years old are exempt from wearing masks.

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For areas that remain in the orange and red zone with slight changes, the rules for traveling by car are actually the same. The purpose is clear Contain the risk of infection from Covid-19, In any area. The only difference is in the reason for moving, And it is not within the maximum capacity of the car that we have described yet. Actually The orange zone It is necessary to justify uncommon movements by filling in self-testimony. at Red area Alternatively, you can only leave the house “for reasons of work, health or necessity.” What are the dangers of those who do not respect these rules? A large fine can range from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 1,000 euros.

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