Yellen: The United States and the European Union must jointly confront threats from China and Russia

(Teleborsa) – “We must fight Threats to the principles of openness, fair competition, transparency and accountability“This is the message that Janet Yellen, the US Treasury Secretary, delivered during her speech at the Eurogroup meeting on the topic of transatlantic relations, economic recovery, climate change and global minimum taxes. Among the major challenges, the US economist emphasized, are ‘economic practices’ Unfair and human rights violations of China; Continuous violations of the Lukashenka regime in Belarus; The persistent and growing malicious behavior of Russia“The more we deal with these threats with a united front, the more we will succeed,” he stressed.

In his speech, he stressed that there is no doubt about the US commitment to building stronger transatlantic economic relations and supporting the European Union and the Eurozone economy. “As President Biden made clear last month here in Brussels, we share the same values ​​and we share many of the same challenges — he made clear — these challenges are not insignificant. The devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change; structural economic vulnerabilities, including persistent regional, ethnic, and gender disparities.”

Yellen also spent words of appreciation on the response of national governments and the European Central Bank to the economic crisis, as well as to the programme The next generation of the European Union. “I think we can all agree that uncertainty remains high. In this context, it is important that the budgeting situation remains supportive until 2022 – as defined – going forward, it is important that Member States take seriously More financial measures to ensure a strong national and global recoveryand to make Europe’s recovery continue into the future.”

He said that the EU’s next generation “will reduce the likelihood of this crisis translating into serious differences in economic performance between EU countries. Like the US Employment Plan in the US, the EU’s Next Generation can facilitate important growth and productivity investments in green and digital transformations.” Make further progress on the long-term agenda of the Economic and Monetary Union, including The Federation of Banks and the Federation of Money MarketsIt’s positive for Europe, the United States, and the world.”

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