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to me Black Friday In 2022, many companies are offering “round trip” travel packages at very competitive rates. Here are the destinations, in our opinion, that you should absolutely not miss for any reason.

Flights abroad on black friday

The Christmas holidays are inexorably approaching, and with it the New Year. What better occasion, then, to organize a holiday abroad, perhaps to take advantage of Black Friday discounts? With the famous “Black Friday” promotions, in fact, you can guarantee yourself relevance discounts For hotel or bed and breakfast costsAnd also take advantage of special promotions to visit museums and other places of culture.

But that’s not all, what do you think? I am one of the missing flight costs, often prohibitive for most people (especially in this period of crisis). Well, with Black Friday 2022, there are many airlines that guarantee their customers significant discounts on “round-trip” flights to major European destinations, and even the most ambitious international locations.


The major carriers with Black Friday will allow you to do that Fly to FranceStarting from 22 euros per person. The most popular and convenient destinations at the moment are Toulouse, Lourdes, Marseille and, in particular, the capital: Paris. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, a global center for arts, fashion, culture and gastronomy. It is impossible not to take advantage of the Black Friday discounts to get lost in the wide boulevards of the French capital, as well as visit the most famous and exclusive places of the famous “City of Love” par excellence: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs-Elysées.

starting from 30 euros per personHowever, you can travel to other distinct cities in the French territory, such as popular destinations:

  • Bordeaux
  • Leon
  • Nice – good
  • Montpellier

United kingdom

To be an equally popular destination for tourists from all over the world to travel to United kingdom Major international airlines offer comfortable flights starting at €20 per person. Again, the choices are many and varied, from London to Manchester, from Edinburgh to Bristol, via Glasgow and Aberdeen. Who wouldn’t want to get lost in the beauty of these cities, especially in the midst of the special Christmas and holiday season?

Inevitably, the city will be the main “attraction”. London, Capital. A charming and cosmopolitan city, a center of different cultures, a place of art and magic, a real city where everyone can find what they are looking for to spend a few carefree days. There are distinguished museums, artworks, cafes and restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, and plenty of opportunities to have fun, learn something and relax. “London is London,” and visiting it thanks to Black Friday discounts is even better, to be honest.


As a destination Italian tourists are unbeatable, but it is a country that can really offer many surprises. In particular, it is the capital Romania To attract attention, namely Bucharest. First of all for the good news: thanks to the Black Friday discounts, you can travel to the city on low-cost flights starting at €20 per person. So just over 40 euros will be enough to go and back, and have a fun vacation in Eastern Europe.

Why fly in Bucharest? very simple. Because it is a city that offers a lot of emotions. It is located in the southern region of Romania, and its most recognizable feature is the central and very gigantic “Palatul Parlamentului”, or communist-era government building, with 1,100 rooms. A short distance away is the historic Lipscani district, which has a lively nightlife and is home to the small Eastern Orthodox Church of Stavropoleos, as well as the 15th-century Palace of Cortia Vecchi, where the legendary Prince Vlad III called him “the Impaler”. It is a city of art and culture, ideal for young people who love nightlife, but also for “old people” who want to discover a culture different from their own.

New Year’s Eve in Brussels

The latest low-cost destination that we take the liberty of suggesting to you is the gorgeous metropolis Belgium And the seat of the European Parliament, ie Brussels. Always a destination for local and international visitors during the Christmas holidays, it is a city that is able to fully recreate the Christmas atmosphere, with many markets, terraces, houses offering typical products and plenty of entertainment. Are you eager to travel to the Belgian capital? With Black Friday and its discounts, you have a great opportunity to start from € 29 per person.

Brussels It’s not just Christmas and its markets, but it’s so much more than that. Like London and the major capitals of the European Union, Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city, with a pleasant and lively atmosphere at any time of the year. The offer of attractions for young and old is truly diverse: art and culture are kept in real treasure chests such as the Magritte Museum and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts; A walk in the city parks is a real treat for the soul and relaxation, and the famous chocolate and Trappist beer will be the icing on the cake to decorate your wonderful holiday moments.

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