Yawn, revealing why: That’s why it’s contagious

Something we do regularly, when we are tired or bored, both humans and chimpanzees do. That’s what it is.

It is a very natural gesture, a yawn. But the question arises, Why do we yawn a lot when we see this gesture?


Sure enough, it’s a need for oxygen, as the lungs swell. When we feel tired, exhausted and lack of oxygen, we yawn.

What happens when we see others yawn

Yawning is often contagious, but there are some factors involved Such as age, sympathetic insight, and familiarity with the yawning person. When we see someone yawn, a kind of mimicry takes place.

But in fact, it is not enough to see a person yawn, but to seeEven fix an image of someone yawning or imagine that the person is yawning. In fact, just think of a yawn and take the nod. Even if we are reading about a person Talking about yawning probably takes action.

Yawning is contagious
Yawning is contagious

So the study is doing research to prove that there may be other factors behind yawning such as Genetic predisposition and genetic conditioning.

But what do you think? And above all, have you ever noticed yourself, and have you noticed how many times a day you practice yawning? There is a lot of interest About yawning when tired, as we said.

But yawning is also associated with boredom, so when we do an activity we don’t care about, it doesn’t get it Our attention, but we consider it boring, then begins to yawn.

And when there is a feeling of hunger? They also yawn a lot when they are hungry and therefore in this The way they show their need for food. But in this article we wanted to focus on tradition.

So does yawning also happen when you see someone doing it? If this happens, rejoin that study that both humans and chimpanzees have this attitude of repeatedly yawning as soon as they see each other doing it. Something very common that happens automatically.

Sleep, hunger, fatigue and imitation: Here are the factors that make us yawn.

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