Yankees’ Geo Urchila Makes Cleveland Returns

Geo Urchila did everything in his power to make his return to Cleveland an unforgettable one.

The third key man came through the Indian organization and broke into the majors with Cleveland, and on Wednesday hit major tournaments that gave the Yankees the lead and scored the green light in Bombardment Series win 10-9 In Game 2 at Progressive Field. He also did a great diving mission to finish the bottom eighth and keep the Yankees helpless in one round with Aroldis Chapman on the hill.

“He was probably the star of the game among many of the big shows,” said Aaron Boone after the Yankees’ advance to ALDS in San Diego.

Orchila described it as “one of the best games I’ve played in my life”.

It would be hard to argue. His top-nine hit single sparked their crowd and he recorded for DJ LeMahieu. Orchila, who finished fourth in the Grand Slam, put the Yankees 5-4 ahead of right-back James Karenchak.

This came after Aaron Hicks started the half from Cleveland, Carlos Carrasco’s start with a hat-trick at Delino Deschilds’ head. Luke Voight and Giancarlo Stanton walked over to load the rules.

Geo Urchila celebrates after winning a major championship in the fourth inning of the Yankees' 10-9 win over the Indians.
Geo Urchila celebrates after winning a major championship in the fourth inning of the Yankees’ 10-9 win over the Indians.Corey Sepkin

Acting Director Sandy Allomar Jr. went to the play center for Karenshak, who made a full count against Orchila before Orchila took him deep in a swift ball with a 432-foot shot.

Afterward, Orchila said he doesn’t know what’s on his mind as he turns around the rules.

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“Honestly, I can’t remember,” said Orchila. “I just remember hitting the ball and then giving back to my teammates.”

He nearly led it with his game on Carlos Santana’s shot to third, which was stopped by Orchila and a throw to second place from the ground to start the double play.

“This is not a secret,” Chapman said through an interpreter. “We all know what Geo can do.” “I really think he saved the match there. If the ball passes by him, it will enter at least one round. It was a great play.”

The first time Urshela played in the post-season period, he was a third primary player across the board and not taking the hit to the Indians who went on to make two major mistakes in ALDS 2017 that helped the Yankees advance.

Now, he is a much different player.

When asked before the second match how he has grown since his time with the Indians, Orchila said, “I think a lot. I feel like I’m a different player. [with a] A different mindset. “

Improvements on both sides of the ball came and convinced the Yankees to stick with Urchila even after Miguel Andogar returned to health this season.

He continues to impress his teammates, including DJ LeMahieu, who likened Urshela’s play in third place to Nolan Arenado.

LeMahieu played with the permanent All-Star winner and the Gold Glove in Colorado before coming to The Bronx before last season.

“He’s a special defender,” said Lemahue. “I put him in Nolan’s class in defense. Offensively, he appears to be hitting the ball hard every time. It’s been big for us all year long. He is just a really good player. I really respect his game. “

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It’s a long while since 2018, when Urshela was hired by the Indians and then traded with the Blue Jays in May. Later that season, Toronto shipped Urshela to the Yankees on cash considerations, about $ 25,000.

The investment has paid off for the Yankees.

LeMahieu said, “He’s doing some acrobatics that she thinks he doesn’t have a chance for and he’s steadfast in tackling balls directly.”

Bon has been marveling at Urshela while managing the past two seasons.

“He has a really strong and precise arm from many different angles,” Boone said. “He’s got good hands. I feel that this year, his collection has gone up. He’s special in third base. It’s fun to watch.”

And although the defensive metrics did not always agree that Urshela is well above average for the position, Boone said the internal measurements of the Yankees showed an improvement.

“It’s a beautiful elite out there,” Boone said.

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