Yamaha introduces the turntable that uses a smartphone instead of vinyl. Here’s how it works

It’s called Yamaha’s new stunt TurnTA modern reinterpretation of the classic rotary tray. The main feature is that Use a smartphone instead of a classic vinyl. In detail, the device is nothing more than a file Bluetooth headset Using your smartphone to play music.

To work, it is not enough to connect the phone to the device, but you need to download a dedicated application and use the smartphone as if it were a real LP. The vinyl animation will play on the screen and the user will have to put a file Mechanical arm above for sound reproduction. To go forward or backward, you need to move the pen to the desired point, just like a real turntable.

When you are listening to your favorite music, when you want some nice background music before you go to sleep, when you want to listen to relaxing background music or when you are playing guitar and want some accompaniment to set the beat, you want to start ringing?writes yamaha.

This Yamaha gimmick allows you to enjoy a file better soundWith a look toward the future and the vintage feel and passion of vinyl. Bringing the turntable to the world of smartphones one Found as unprecedented as it is fraught with dangerbut whether you like it or not, it remains a high-quality Bluetooth speaker.

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