XTERRA Dolomiti di Brenta Trail: 655 athletes at the start

It will be sold again there XTERRA Dolomiti di Brenta TrailDesignation Saturday 10 September Which has been confirmed as one of the hottest tracks in Europe with More than 650 participants from 25 countries. The race that offers two distances from 45 and 64 kmsee again in Italiansin Dutch and in Germans The three countries with the largest number of members, but many of the athletes will also come from the United States and South Africa. Departure at 6:00 for 64 km and 7:30 for 45 km, from the wonderful beach of Molveno, with the first rays illuminating the peaks. Races allow you to accumulate etra . pointsTwo for short and three for long.

there 45 km (2.850 d+) It has already reached the maximum number of participants which is The only Italian race to be included in the XTERRA Trail Marathon Series InternationalWhich includes 10 races in the most beautiful locations in the world, from China to Tahiti, and from Scotland to the United States. 450 athletes registered for this distance, according to exciting scenarios, will reach the Pedrotti shelter (2491 meters), the oldest of the Brenta Group, which is located on a cliff called Sella del Rifugio, a few meters from Bocca di Brenta. The race has been, for years now, one of the most popular for both those aiming for a prestigious result.

The 64km race will see 205 initially daring athletes take on a technical and challenging track with a positive 4200m difference in altitude., which will touch on the famous places for lovers of trails: the Cima S. Maria group and Cima di Campa, the Grosté Pass and the entire central part of Brenta, but also Lake Molveno, the original pearl of the Alps, for six consecutive years the most beautiful lake in Italy according to Legambiente and Touring . The trail connects shelters such as Croz dell’Altissimo, Pedrotti, Brentei, Tuckett and Graffer.

One last note, but not the least, it is Great attention this year will also be devoted to safety and regulationall thanks also to GPS tracker which each participant is equipped with.

Image credits: Filippo Frizzera

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