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Xiaomi wins the appeal in the US: it is no longer blacklisted


Precisely at the start of 2021, January, when Trump was still a resident of the White House, Xiaomi was on a blacklist dedicated to preventing non-US (Chinese) companies from reaching lenders and investors to the stars and segments. The then president of the United States had catalyzed the decision through statements of the Department of Defense, which defined the community of the “military-communist” type. By the end of January, it was Brand Has appealed to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Well, on March 12th, the company won the petition and the court declared unlawful the decision to blacklist the company, from which it was revoked.

Official Xiaomi statement

“ Xiaomi is pleased to note that on March 12 the court ordered an injunction from the United States Department of Defense to prevent the implementation or enforcement of Xiaomi’s classification as CCMC. In accordance with the ruling granted, the court completely and immediately overturned the restriction of Executive Order 13959 that prohibited US companies from buying Xiaomi shares and committing to selling their stakes. .

Xiaomi confirms once again that it is a widely controlled, publicly traded and independently managed company that offers consumer electronic products exclusively for civilian and commercial use. Xiaomi also believes that the decision to classify it as a Chinese Communist Military Corporation is arbitrary and unreasonable, and the court has the same opinion. In any case, Xiaomi intends to continue to demand the illegality and permanent revocation of the appointment.

Xiaomi is a very young and dynamic technology company that over the years has provided consumers around the world with amazing products at honest prices and will continue to work tirelessly and in commitment with its global partners to allow everyone to enjoy a better life through innovative technology. ”

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Xiaomi: US blacklist and ban

The story between the brand and the U.S. administration is summarized in our vision below:

Trump blacklists Xiaomi: “the Chinese Communist military community”

Xiaomi is resuming against the US blacklisting

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