XEV YOYO: The mini electric city car made with a 3D printer

XEV YOYO is the latest innovation ready to revolutionize urban mobility. It is a car that is even smaller than a smart car. 3D printing with innovative battery swap system has given life to a small mini car that is very useful in major cities.

XEV YOYO – Motori.News

XEV YOYO The 100% electric mini car can be driven from the age of 16, goes up to 80 km / h and can boast a range of up to 150 km. It can easily move and stop anywhere. It is an electric quad bike designed for the city, available in 9 colors.

The real novelty lies in the possibility of eliminating the charge of the car battery forever. A valid alternative for those with a B1 driving licence, it is emission-free, comfortable and safe, and features a design developed with Politecnico di Torino.

XEV YOYO, a small car presented at Salone del Parco del Valentino

The new compact car was first presented in 2018 at the Salone del Barco del Valentino in Turin. Instead, the final model was unveiled by the Italian-Chinese house at the Bavarian Motor Show last year. Some parts of the body are made by 3D printing. The vehicle consists of 57 parts, with an innovative and customizable design. The start-up provides a compact and at the same time very spacious car, which has large windows and a panoramic roof that makes the interior livable, full of comfort. In short, it has everything you need.

The equipment includes air conditioning, ABS, LED headlights and a Bluetooth infotainment system. It has two speakers and of course a touch screen that can be connected to a smartphone. Opening doors is KeyLess. There is also a dedicated app that allows you to check the status and position of the battery remotely.

XEV YOYO-Motori.news

Unmistakable unique style

The whole model is Italian and is enhanced by 3D printing with which the vehicle can be further customized to your liking. So the car is snappy and full of character, perhaps also thanks to the range of colors available. They range from the Mochaccino Edition to the Space Black Edition, an overall black with brushed red detailing. Then there are the fun colors like Fresh Lime and Spicy Salmon suitable for those who don’t want to pass the streets unnoticed.

The project XEV YOYO It arises from the need to make urban mobility affordable, sustainable, enjoyable and personal, able to put the customer at the center of attention and provide the opportunity to live a unique experience. It’s a combination of research, development and style, and is already appreciated by all companies that deal with car sharing.

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