Xbox won’t stop selling games in favor of Game Pass, said Phil Spencer –

Xbox You don’t want to replace an idea Buy and own a game Just for encouragementXbox Game Pass. This was stated by Phil Spencer, Head of Games at Microsoft, in an interview with The Verge magazine, where he talked about the desire to continue selling games that appear on the service.

Spencer explained that the business model Subscriptions are attractive for some games and help diversify player choices, but the players who buy and own a game are always important to a company’s business.

SpencerWe don’t have a goal of charging $15 per month to everyone. We think subscriptions are an attractive business model for certain games and certain customers. I really see it as a way to diversify the way people build their game library and how they create access to the customers they care about with their content. “In my view, it will always be a part of the business. I think the people who buy and own their games will always be an important part of the business for many years.”

Spencer later commented: “What we want is to get more gamers to play more games, making life easier for everyone who wants to play.”

In short, Xbox wants two models to coexist, not for one to completely replace the other.

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