Xbox “Talk to Top Japanese Publishers About Acquisition,” Imran Khan Reveals –

Imran Khan, a well-known video game journalist, participated in the Giant Bombcast podcast and revealed that Microsoft Talk to the gods Top Japanese publishers about possible Obsession. In addition, Xbox also takes care of smaller development studios.

As you can read in the tweet below, Omran Khan He said, “Microsoft has talked to some of the major Japanese publishers about an acquisition. I don’t know how far they went in the discussion, but they spoke and are very interesting to the smaller Japanese publishers and development studios.”

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This statement, of course unofficial But it’s coming from a reliable source, then confirms that Microsoft and Xbox continue to be interested in expanding Xbox Game Studios and acquiring Japanese teams.

An effort in this direction will not only bring more Japanese audiences to Xbox, but also make Xbox Game Pass offer more and more variety as well. international audience.

However, we do not know how interested Japanese publishers are and whether Microsoft will actually have the opportunity to make acquisitions on Japanese territory.

what do you wish?

It was previously said that Microsoft would not stop investing in Japan for Sarah Bond.

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