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Next Generation has suggested many new generation games in recent months, but it has also been able to “give” users improved versions of the old games. Now, Microsoft might have suggested a new one arrives Upgrade tecnico for every Xbox Series X | S. Dedicated to Batman Arkham Knight, The third installment of the Rocksteady saga.

Specifically, Microsoft recently released a post talking about a new feature that lets you know which games support our language and which don’t. Inside the article there is one A screenshot of the Xbox Series X controller (which you can see below) With some games offered. As you can see, one of these is Batman Akham Knight which displays both the Xbox Game Pass logo and the dedicated icon for the next generation Xbox Series X upgrade | S.

Batman Akham Knight is already available on Game Pass, but it doesn’t have any next-gen features. Therefore, other games do not contain bugs of this kind Microsoft seems to have suggested a patch is on its way to RocksteadyThe question is whether he did it voluntarily or if it was an unscheduled opportunity.

Of course, we cannot rule out the possibility that it was a strange bug and that in fact there is no upcoming technology upgrade for Batman Arkham Knight for Xbox Series X | S. To know, perhaps, We will have to wait for an official announcement from the developers or from Microsoft.

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Batman Arkham Knight: Xbox Series X Upgrade | S in arivo?

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