Xbox Series X | supported S and One Google Stadia with the new Edge Chromium app –

Xbox Series X | S H Xbox One They can make it work Google Stadia Thanks to the new version of the application Passata su chrome rimCurrently, it is in the testing phase, but with the expectation of its launch in the coming period for everyone.

The Edge app evolution on Xbox with the transition to Chromium is an impressive development improvement Even just in relation to its use The browser Standard, but it also includes many interesting innovations, including the ability to make Google Stadia run locally, as it does using the platform through the browser on PC and Mac.

For now, the new Edge is in the pipeline Exam In the Alpha Skip-Ahead suite, which is a relatively small circle of users, but according to Microsoft’s normal way of working, this should gradually move into increasingly larger test groups until the final rollout to the public.

There is no mouse and keyboard support yet, but other than that, the browser has all mission The move to Chromium base also improves overall compatibility with browser games, as well as services like Skype and Discord over the web.

The Edge for Xbox version available for the Alpha Test suite includes the same sync engine used for the browser on Windows 10, which allows for the use of extensions, vertical tabs, groups, and various desktop features. Among those, by the way, there is also support for Google Stadia, which can therefore allow for an Running game Through Google service directly on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

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We don’t know yet if this feature will be able to access Final copy It was released to the public, but with the exception of certain changes to Edge Chromium on consoles, there should be no hindrances in this regard. Oddly enough, it would thus be an additional possibility to use Xbox to play through a Concurrent serviceWhile Microsoft appears to be testing xCloud on PC via a web browser, as well as testing 1080p games, according to the latest reports.

Xbox Series X and Series S consoles may receive support for Google Stadia with the new version of Edge
Xbox Series X and Series S consoles may receive support for Google Stadia with the new version of Edge

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