“Xbox is the home of Sonic,” says Bloomberg, but it seems like a small mistake –

In an in-depth talk video by Bloomberg Contains an interview with Phil Spencer, presenting the newspaper Xbox as “Sonic’s Home”unleashing the obvious consequences of Discussions and rumors with theories This indicates a possible acquisition by Microsoft of Sega.

This idea is now a true classic in the rumors around the gaming world, almost becoming a meme in discussion forums, so this reaction is not very surprising, but it is very difficult to take the question seriously.

It is very likely that Bloomberg’s sentence derives simply from a ErrorOr you just want to compile a series of game codes without any exact indication of the state of Microsoft’s intellectual property.

The video is visible above and the offending part is practically up at the start, around 0:40. During the introduction, to introduce the figure Phil Spencera Bloomberg reporter says it heads one of the world’s largest gaming divisions with Microsoft Xbox, which is “the home of Minecraft, Halo, Sonic and possibly soon Call of Duty as well,” referring to the ongoing acquisition by Activision Blizzard.

One almost laughs at the thought that this phrase might have given rise to the usual theories, but we must also bear in mind thatMicrosoft’s acquisition of Sega It is now kind of a frequent gag in discussions of the online video game community.

It is true that Sonic is included here in a very specific discourse about the intellectual property that Microsoft owns, but one might think that it is the result of a simple error, considering also that Bloomberg is a fairly general newspaper, although it is still an important reference point and has specialists in the video game sector.

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From the same interview with Phil Spencer, several interesting news also emerged such as his “good feelings” about the progress of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the idea that it will appear less exclusively in the future.

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