Xbox has many unannounced games in development, says Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg –

In addition to the well-known, they are still there Many games are yet to be announced who i am at now in development in Xbox Game Studios and collaborators, said Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft Xbox Marketing Director, explaining how more news will be revealed later.

The claim came in response to a tweet by a well-known insider Klobrille, which showed some kind of roadmap with Releases scheduled for 2022 and 2023 By Xbox Games Studios, Bethesda, and other teams operating exclusively on the platform.

This is clearly not an official infographic, but the initiative was welcomed by Greenberg, who thanked Klopril and added: “This is a great list to see, especially given that there are also many other things In progress may not result yet! “Suggesting that there are other games in development that haven’t been announced yet.

In fact, given the total of 23 internal development teams at Microsoft, it is clear that in addition to the titles on the list, there must also be others that are not yet known, although in the roadmap there are also teams that do not have time after a reference such as Indiana Jones, Project Mara, and the game in development at Kojima Productions.

else advertisements They will arrive later, although many of these titles may still be in an initial stage of development, such as the 25 well-known games in development at PlayStation Studios that Sony has indicated in its mid-term plans.

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