Xbox had canceled Game Pass Achievement, because it was impossible to obtain

According to reports from some gamers, Microsoft was going to get involved By deleting an Xbox game achievement After players complained that it was impossible to get it. Let’s talk about a Homestead Arcana targetwhich arrived on Xbox Game Pass in April.

However, the players realize that one of the targets is called “You can’t be too preparedIt was difficult to complete, requiring players to craft every item in the game at least once. With hundreds of options available, players struggled to unlock it, not least because a particular recipe (for a pair of shoes) would not be available at all, in other words. Elsewhere, it was impossible to obtain the trophy.

Just a couple of days ago, players noticed a gamerscore Upgraded to 1000 / 1000G and 35 / 35 achievements, although it is not unleashed you can not be too prepared.

Homestead Arcana
Homestead Arcana

“I don’t know if bug or glitch “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” said TruDexterMorgan, who writes on the Xbox TrueAchievements forum. But I went to Homestead Arcana on my Xbox and it says I got 35/35 Achievements, 1000/1000G. Does the “craft everything” achievement seem to no longer exist? I’ve never seen that happen before.”

According to the source, it appears that Microsoft decided to delete the target Or it did so at the behest of developer Serenity Forge. Anyway, the achievement has expired and its 100 points have been redistributed to other unlockable achievements.

Speaking generally about Game Pass, we see the first games hitting subscribers in June 2023.

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