Xbox Game Pass: Surprisingly Adding Annapurna Maquette to the July 2023 Lineup

After its arrival on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, the special puzzle game maquette Also arrives on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and launch directly into the catalog Xbox Game Pass On the first day with release date Scheduled for July 19, 2023.

So it’s a surprising addition to this month’s lineup, set to arrive immediately after the first delivery of the July 2023 Game Pass games announced just a few days ago.

To tell the truth, we’ve known for some time that Maquette was destined to hit Xbox platforms, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet.

So the game will arrive on July 19, 2023 on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, and can be purchased separately or downloaded directly from the Xbox Game Pass catalog for those subscribed to Microsoft’s well-known service.

Maket: A repetitive puzzle game

Maquette is special first person “recursive” puzzle, which sees us immersed in a strange world where every building, plant, and landscape is small and gigantic at the same time. This offers different perspective effects, with changes in perspectives generating a stunning effect in the player.

Between impossible situations and perspectives, Maquette is a kind of three-dimensional Escher drawing that we can already explore in first-person view, in a world that wraps in on itself in a recursive fashion, repeating elements in different dimensions and intertwining with each other.

It is really difficult to describe in words, but it can still be experienced first-hand by all Xbox Game Pass subscribers from July 19, 2023. To get to know it better, we refer you to Maquette’s review.

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