Xbox Game Pass in crisis for Kotaku, Microsoft responds to rhymes –

Xbox Game Pass inside crisis: according to KotakuAfter years of hype, subscription service is running out, and longtime subscribers are also abandoning the ship. Microsoft But he reciprocated the controversial article on the site.

“Tell me you only limit yourself to games triple Without telling me that you are limiting yourself to only Triple A games,” the official account for Xbox Game Pass wrote, emphasizing the fact that the digital platform’s catalog consists not only of expensive products.

Aside from that: there’s also a lot more indie titles That thanks to this formula, they were able to build an audience. So it’s no coincidence that Phil Spencer says Xbox Game Pass is sustainable for Microsoft and developers.

It is clear that Kotaku’s article begins with the announcement of the postponement of Starfield and Redfall to support the thesis that in this way the attractiveness of the Game Pass catalog has been significantly reduced, discouraging users.

However, it is true that this argument revolves only around the productions of Triple A, considering its specific weight within the show and a few others: this is probably true for some players but not for others.

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