Xbox Game Pass Gives A Fan A Lifetime Membership, But He Turned It Down (For A Very Good Reason)

Microsoft Rewards occasionally offers some lucky fans the chance to win lifetime Xbox Game Pass subscriptions: After completing enough rewards, purchasing games, or completing certain activities, the House of Redmond may decide to reward your loyalty with one of these very important prizes.

This is a subscription to the Ultimate service (you can find it here on Amazon) is valid for 40 years: everything will then be commemorated with a commemorative membership card, with the user’s gamertag engraved on it.

An award which we are sure will appeal to many of you reading us, but for the last potential winner, it could unexpectedly create more problems than anticipated, forcing him to make the difficult decision of turning it down.

Even xbox In fact, he reports the story shared by Reddit user Elvite, who after careful investigation discovered that by accepting he had to pay a much larger amount due to taxes, forcing him to give up the coveted prize.

The “lucky” fan who won the prize asserted that since it was a 40-year subscription, he would have had to declare the actual value of those winnings for taxes, emphasizing that this would have forced him to pay at least $1,752. for next year.

It is actually 24% of the actual value of the gains, quantified further

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