Xbox Cloud, Bing search lets you play Game Pass games –

Xbox Cloud You can now count on an interesting search engine integration bing: Search for a game name in the catalog Xbox Game Passthe search engine will give us an opportunity Get started right awayby pressing the “Play” button.

That’s right, it’s just one of the initially promised features google stadiabut it never materialized because the now-decaying streaming platform didn’t include any kind of all-you-can-play subscription to support its ecosystem, unlike Microsoft.

As you can see in the image below, turning on this feature is very simple: just search for a game name on Xbox Game Pass with Bing, clearly after logging in with your Microsoft credentials, to see the ominous button.

Once we click Play, the browser will take us directly to the cloud section of the respective title on, presenting the second button, Play, to start the application immediately.

Of course you’ll need to plug in a console when needed, but overall it’s a really interesting feature, which makes Microsoft cloud games much easier and more accessible.

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