Xbox asks fans about Bethesda Best Start – How do you respond? –

Bethesda Studios’ entry into the Microsoft Xbox was one of the great events of the past year and so far many fans don’t understand the revolutionary step that Redmond made. It’s clear since then that the company has used the situation to get loads of positive publicity and remind everyone that there are tons of games Bethesda Available on Game Pass. Now, the Twitter account of Xbox Game Pass A fun discussion begins, perfect for giving fans a voice: What is Bethesda with the best start?

As you can see below, the Twitter account of Xbox Game Pass It offers four examples: DOOM Eternal, Prey, Rage 2, and Wolfenstein The New Order. The choice is not easy, but the fans clearly have their word. Many praised Prey, which is arguably one of the most underrated games of the past generation. Others decide to exit the choir and focus on Skyrim, which remains one of Bethesda’s biggest successes. Others have chosen Fallout 3 while others have stated that Oblivion should also be present in this “competition.”

The Xbox Game Pass is clearly not intended to objectively choose the game Bethesda With the best start ever so far, but give your fans the opportunity to chat and share their passion for video games. Plus, of course, everyone is reminded that these games are included in the service.

Tell us which one is yours Cucumber? Which Bethesda game did you like with its start that you still can’t forget today?

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