Xbox app for Windows now warns you if the game is working fine on your PC –

In these hours, Microsoft is starting to roll out one new job from Xbox app for Windows Which warns the user if the game works fine on their PC.

In practice, as you can see in the example below, thanks to this feature, a short note On the page for a particular game it says “should work great on this PC” in case your PC components are considered to live up to the title under consideration.

The Xbox app for Windows now warns you if the game is working fine on your PC

As GameSpot reports, this feature is currently limited to a small number of games, such as Doom Eternal and Yakuza 0, but it will likely expand to more and more games over time. You can try it out for yourself by downloading the Xbox Insider Hub app to try out a preview version of the app and this new feature.

It’s currently not clear how the Xbox app for Windows determines whether a game is running well, although the most reasonable hypothesis is that it simply compares the developers’ recommended requirements with PC’s. To find out more, we will have to wait for the official news from Microsoft.

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