WWE Raw Scores, Summary, Scores: The # 1 Women’s Title competition appears with the end of the WWE Draft

The second night of WWE Draft tends to be a little weird with the menus getting messy and very few storylines playing as the dust continues to settle down. This was largely the case again Monday night with many matches featuring talents from both brands.

While this didn’t result in a few good matches, most notably Jeff Hardy versus AJ Styles versus Seth Rollins, he also put on a very scattered show that seemed largely inconsequential after less than two weeks of pay-per-view in Hell in a Cell. But the draft is now complete, for better or worse, and fans can start seeing the skeleton for next year of WWE programming.

The second night of the WWE Project

The second night of footage went mostly as expected with some noticeable changes to Raw and SmackDown’s locker rooms. This included Raw’s pick of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt with 1st pick of the night. Aside from The Street Profits being drafted from Raw to SmackDown – and the Raw Tag Team Championship alongside – the titles all remained on their trademarks. You can read on for the comprehensive complete picks below.

2020 WWE Draft: Complete complete results, list movements

The doubles teams championship – New day (c) def. Robert Ruddy and Dolph Ziegler via installation After hitting Road at midnight. The match came after a new day and The Street Profits had a “title swap” to hand over brand new titles to each team. Roode and Ziggler, who were later recruited to SmackDown, interrupted to say they owe a bullet in Raw tag titles.

It was a slightly confusing situation to have a title swap and Roode and Ziggler, who were both recruited into SmackDown, were now challenging the Tag Raw Champion as they defeated the former Raw Champion in a six-man match the previous week. The resulting match was powerful, however, and it definitely wasn’t as difficult to comprehend as the actual draft pick. SmackDown hardly molded any woman both nights. And even more annoying – in nearly every case – if someone is in conflict, the person they had issues with goes with them, so it’s less like resetting the list and more like a fake shuffle. It’s hard to describe the whole process as a win. Grade: C-

Lana finds a quick fix to her heartbreak

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose defeated. Lana and Natalia via installation When Brooke Lana hung after the guard from Rose’s shoulders. The match came when Lana, Natalya Rose and Brooke boycotted on Miz TV and a fight broke out between the two teams. The loss initially felt like no more than another week, another quick loss for Lana. After losing the match, Lana cried while Natalia called her stupid before saying that she wasn’t working anymore and that she ended up with her friend.

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Lana won a double-brand royalty battle for a future female title. Heavy favorites Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler ran the first part of the match until he saved Jax Baszler from elimination, but Baszler did not return the favor, and later helped eliminate Jax. Natalia appears to have won the match, last eliminating Lacey Evans, but Lana was not eliminated – she was put through the advertisement schedule by Jax earlier in the match – and she returned to the ring before Natalia knocked off the field to claim victory. – and gain some measure of revenge on Natalia for leaving the ship earlier at night.

Lana was on a petty brutal slippage, although this wasn’t an issue given her best use is not as a wrestler. Natalia’s rescue of their squad made perfect sense, because Lana did nothing but drag her down competitively. But Lana’s victory was a sweet moment of feeling happy that serves up a story between the two so much more than Asuka does as it’s hard to imagine any situation in which Lana’s title challenge would suit her. B grade

What else happened in WWE Raw?

  • Randy Orton made an offer to open the show Before being interrupted by Drew MacIntyre. Orton addressed his next Hell in a Cell match with the WWE Champion. MacIntyre eventually cut and reminded Orton that he had made a promise to “throw out the litter” from him every time they were in the same building. The two quarreled in and around the ring until MacIntyre gained the upper hand and Orton fled while MacIntyre promised to have “more fun” during the evening. It will happen when the two men quarrel to shut down the show, and both licks before WWE officials break up the fight.

  • Kevin Owens def. Aleister Black via pinning in the disqualification match. Big high point in the match as Black struck a meteorite on Owens, leading him onto four chairs set up to form a makeshift table for a close fall. Owens won after a spectacular then Powerbomb through the table.

  • Lars Sullivan boycotted his second attempt on Miz TV. After his part broke down with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke, Miz tried to host the clip again, this time interviewing John Morrison. This prompted Sullivan, who brutally attacked Morrison as Miz managed to escape.

  • Styles AJ def. Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins by installation After Hardy was put on by a chair shot of Elias Returning. The pre-intervention match was a brilliant television wrestler that came after Hardy and Styles shared Rollins’ farewell speech to Raw after it was drafted into SmackDown Friday.

  • Angel Garza def. Andrade via installation With Wing Clipper. Zelina Vega was commenting on the match and Andrade shouted “This is yours, Zelina” before hitting the Wing Clipper. Vega has gone in the ring to try to deal with Andrade, and it looks like she had a falling out after previously leaving her position as his manager. Then the lights go out and she returns to reveal Alexa Bliss and The Fiend, who hit stereos of Sister Abigails on Andrade and Vega.

  • Ricochet defeated. Cedric Alexander by disqualification After Alexander pretended to hit him with a chair. Ricochet and The Hurt Business make a deal before the match that things are over if Ricochet wins. If Alexander wins, Ricochet will join The Hurt Business. During the match, Alexander’s midfielder tried to move Alexander’s chair, which Ricochet intercepted. Then he slapped the chair on the cloth, threw it on Alexander and fell to the ground, causing the referee to believe that Alexander was using the chair and advocate disqualification.

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