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WWE is ready to pay per view UK

WhatCulture It reported that WWE could bring one of its PPVs to the UK in 2022. A source has informed the site that it could happen as early as September.

Not only that, in fact it looks like Vince McMahon is trying to make this a stadium show with an expected audience of 90,000 fans, if at all possible.

In addition to the ppv itself, the source said that these interim plans also include a fan event on the show’s weekend, and a raw taping on Monday after this page.

WhatCulture also tells us that the potential venues for this show could be as follows: Old Trafford in Manchester United, Wales Stadium and, of course, the famous Wembley Stadium.

WWE and the UK

Last weekend, WWE went to the other side of the world to delight fans in the UK with shows that were a hit, made up of a lot of excitement and sold out.

Drew McIntyre was one of the heroes who also had the chance to return to beloved Scotland which of course he had not seen since the outbreak of the pandemic.

These are his words before leaving: “When I saw that WWE had a UK tour, I immediately thought it was great. The problem was, I’m a RAW star. I should have politely threatened some people to ensure I was on that tour. That’s exactly what I did.”

Indeed, more than anything else, the stars of SmackDown have moved on, but a place has clearly been found for the Scotsman. And also for Becky Lynch, the Irishman, who was able to get a little taste of wrestling in the WWE ring in front of an audience that was a bit like home. WWE will also return on tour in the UK in November 2021 to the delight of fans and athletes.

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