Wrong Apple map, drivers off the track in Nuorese

Impossible to get to Gorropu, the largest valley in Europe

Nuoro. After solving problems with Google Maps, which tweaked incorrect maps to get to Gorropu Gorge – Europe’s longest valley in the Supramonte Nuorese – now it’s Apple Maps that goes off track. And it is a detriment to the directors of the company Chintula di Urzulei, the franchisees for the management of the valley.

Hence the call to the IT giant to correct the maps indicating one of the most famous locations on the island – in 2019 the season ended with 30 thousand admissions.

“The damage is amplified by the large number of visitors per day, who in this period are daily bumped into incorrect information provided by the web giant – explains Luciano Murgia from Chintula – unlike Google which changed last year, after immediately reporting incorrect directions to access the site Apple Maps didn’t do that.” According to the services provided by Apple Maps, visitors can reach Gorropu gorge directly with their car, but the information does not correspond to the truth, since once they reach the equipped car park in “Sa Barva”, they must then travel the last 6.5 kilometers on foot. However, the correct information is different: “To get to Gorropu Gorge on foot, the shortest route is at Gorropu Base Camp, on State Road 125 at km 190.500 – Murgia Notes -.” From Base Camp it is possible to book a jeep service that takes Visitors aboard the Flumineddu, of which there is only 2.8 km on foot.The point that is free to reach by car, and which is closest to Gorropu Gorge is the Ghenna Silana Pass on the SS 125 at km 183. A trail of about 4 km in height begins on the foot to reach Gola. Another point that can be reached free of charge by car is the paid car park at Sa Barva (or S’Abba Arva), in the countryside of Dorgali, which is about 6.5 km by foot to reach Gorropu”. (handle).

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