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Wrong, 81-year-old grandfather was arrested in the middle of the night. Her niece publishes a photo of the wounded: “It was taken by 10 officers”

He was arrested after reports of disturbances, then released with bruises and bleeding wounds on his arms. An episode that witnessed the protagonist despite himself as a man 81 yearsAnd the Malcolm Emerywhich forced the forces police who held him. The elderly man was woken at 3 am by police officers who came to his house to handcuff him and take him to the police station.

Robberies and burglaries, mother and daughter arrested: they have become the nightmare of the elderly

The exchange of people at the origin of injuries

Emery has been arrested in Button, UK, for assaulting an emergency worker who was rescuing an officer with head trauma. The 81-year-old had approached with a wooden instrument, because operators would have been looking for it, looking out his window after the emergency call for an unspecified incident.

An apology from the police

“We deeply regret all involved in this incident, which appears to have started with a simple, misdirected case but quickly escalated to the point where an 80-year-old man sustained arm injuries after being handcuffed, and an officer sustained a head injury,” Bedfordshire Deputy Chief Constable Trevor said. Rodenhorst.

After injury and misidentification, the 81-year-old no longer faces the risk of being charged and arrested. “He will not have to face further action in relation to the alleged assault because after reviewing the evidence, we are pleased that the client’s injuries were not the result of a premeditated act,” the deputy police chief said.

Nephew’s accusations

Pictures of her grandfather’s injuries on the Internet featured her granddaughter Kayla, who posted pictures of her 81-year-old grandfather with injuries and bleeding from her arms on Twitter. He was terrified and sick and it took 10 agents/6 cars to arrest him. Maybe a heart attack gave him superpowers? He reads Kayla’s tweet.

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