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Yes we’re terrorists: Shiv Sena thanks Pakistan


India’s Hindu extremist party Shiv Sena rendered gratitude to Pakistan for terming it a terrorist organization.


“If Pakistan considers us as its enemy, it is a matter of pride. It is like getting Mahavir Chakra,” Shiv Sena’s spokesperson Saamna said.

“Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray had said that It was a matter of pride for him to be in the hit list of Pakistani terror groups. Pakistan’s appeal from the international community against Shiv Sena is a stamp on our pure nationalism,” India today wrote in an article with the title Shiv Sena Ko Mahavir Chakra, Shukrya Pakistan.


Previously, after consistent intolerance was seen practiced by the extremist group against Pakistanis in India, Pakistan requested the international community to take quick notice of Sena’s terrorist activities.

“I agree with you that the international community should take note of the terrorist activities of this organization. We have repeatedly expressed our concern on its activities,” Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman said.

Earlier, unpleasant circumstances began to prevail after Shiv Sena storm at BCCI office in Mumbai during a meeting between Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials and Board of Cricket Counsel of India officials was underway to discuss the December series between the two countries. Shiv Sena had also flung oil on Kulkarni over his organizing book launch event of Pakistan’s former minister.

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