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Yemen ceasefire to start from Tuesday May 12


PARIS: Saudi Arabia foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir announced a humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen from Tuesday May 12. He was speaking at a press conference along with US Secretary of State John Kerry.


“We have made a decision that the ceasefire will begin this Tuesday, May 12, at 11:00pm and will last for five days subject to renewal if it works out.” Saudi FM told.

“The ceasefire will end should Houthis or their allies not live up to the agreement, this is a chance for the Houthis to show about their people and they care about the Yemen people,” said Jubeir.


US Secretary of State John Kerry told about the conditions and terms of ceasefire,”Don’t shoot. Don’t move around and start to reposition and take advantage of this,”.

“This is a humanitarian pause and they should treat it accordingly,” he added.

He further termed ceasefire as ‘renewable commitment’, which depends on action of the both sides.

Some days back, it seems that Yemen will be in more crucial condition as Houthis attacked Najran and killed at least 100 people in Aden, who were said to be local supporters of President Hadi.

Despite this, Saudi along with its allies and US playing its part agreed them for ceasefire in Yemen as humanitarian pause, according to the UN, mostly victims of the war are civilians.

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