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Who are Rohingya and Why are they Suffering ?


The Rohingya community consists of Muslim people live in several Asian countries. Although they do have their existence in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, yet they are outnumber in Mayanmar (Arakan). They have been living in Arakan for more than 500 years and speak Rohingya language, which is derived from Indo-Aryan sub-branch of the greater Indo-European language family. After the World War II and British colonial rule, there erupted considerable inter communal violence between Arakanese and Muslim peasants. The Rohingya people follow the creed of Sunni Islam with elements of Sufism. As the government in Mayanmar limits educational opportunities for them, many of these people pursue fundamental Islamic studies as their only educational option.


Genocide in Mayanmar

A historian from the Kanda University, Aye chan, has written that as a result of acquiring weapons from the British during the World War II, Rohingyas strove to annihilate the Arakanese villages instead of resisting the Japanese. On March 28, 1942, more than 5,000 Muslims in Minbya and Mrohaung Townships were sleighed by Rakhine nationalists and Karenni. Rohingya Muslims from Northern Rakhine State killed approximately 20,000 Arakanese, including the Deputy Commissioner U Oo Kyaw Khaing, who was killed while trying to resolve the dispute. The Japanese committed numerous acts of rape, murder and violence against thousands of Rohingya. During that period, at least 22,000 Rohingya are considered to have crossed the border into Bengal, then part of India, to escape the torture. Overwhelmed, around 40,000 Rohingya subsequently left for Chittagong after recurrent butchery by the Burmese and Japans forces.


Continuing violence and inhuman treatment against Rohingya led the extent when, in 2009, a senior Burmese envoy to Hong Kong branded the Rohingyas as ‘ugly as ogre’ and that he considered them ‘people that are alien to Burma’


Naturally, the racial discrimination against these people led them to revolt against the authoritative who were not willing to recognise them as equal human beings. So, the 2012 Rakhine State riots were a series of conflicts between Rohingya Muslims who are outnumber in the south. Pre-riots, there were extended and unrelentingly held fears circulating among Buddhist Rakhines that they would soon become a minority in their ancestral state.


Rohingya’s Seeking Refuge

As riots hit Rohingya Muslims, they were compelled to leave the mischievous and unsafe place for them. Consequently, a large number of Rohingyas sought refuge in Hyderabad – a northern Indian state. Fleeing from their native country, the Rohingya Muslims had settled down in may Hyderabad along with other Indian cities. They also settled in Hafiz-baba-nagar, Balapur, and Kishanbagh.



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