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We took bold steps to improve relations but Pakistan did not: Dr Abdullah


ISLAMABAD: A day after Afghan president slammed Pakistan accusing of sending terrorists to their country, Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Dr Abdullah Abdullah has come with his turn to accuse Pakistan as he said that Pakistan does not support the anti-terrorism campaign run by Kabul.


“In regards to Pakistan… in spite of our people’s scepticism, we took bold steps to improve relations, but unluckily, Pakistan did not cooperate in anti-terrorism activities over the past 10 months as we expected,” said Dr Abdullah at a council meeting of ministers.


His officials also quoted his saying that Pakistan issued good statements, but those who commit crimes against Afghanistan and its people are financed and armed in Pakistan. “They kept Mullah Omar’s death a secret for two years, and then openly held new leadership meeting in order to restore their identity under the leadership of a new criminal, to gain legitimacy and continue their carnage,” added Abdullah’s office.

On the other hand, Pakistan had assured on Tuesday that it considered Afghanistan’s foes as its own, offering full support to the country in squeeze terrorism.

“Terrorism is our common enemy and requires cooperative approach to combat this menace,” Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah said.

However, raised questions during his speech: “We were told Afghanistan’s enemy is Pakistan’s enemy. What kind of enemy of Pakistan is this? They kill people here and move around freely there?”

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