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We are receiving war messages from Pakistan: Ashraf Ghani


KABUL: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani excoriated Pakistan on Monday about a recently occurred insurgent attacks in the capital city of Afghanistan killing at least 56.


“The last few days have shown that suicide bomber training camps and bomb-producing factories which are killing our people are as active as before in Pakistan,” Ghani told during a news conference.

He said that he is hopeful for peace but messages of war have been received from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, since he took the post of utmost power of the country last year, Ghani courted Pakistan, expending substantial domestic political capital in the process, hoping Islamabad would convince the Taliban to come to the peace talk.

But his remarks on Monday are the powerful yet opposing Pakistan.


“In my telephone call with Pakistan prime minister (on Sunday), I told Pakistan to see terrorism in Afghanistan the same way it sees terrorism in Pakistan,” he said, indicating PM Nawaz Sharif.

“I ask the Pakistani government if the mass killings of Shah Shaheed had happened in Islamabad and the perpetrators were in Afghanistan, what would you do?” he raised a question, referring to a Kabul neighbourhood that faced a lethal truck bombing on Friday.

Previously, Pakistan had arranged peace talks between the Afghanistan government and Taliban last month and the first round of which held in Murree. However, after the confirmation of the death of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, a second session of talks has been delayed on the Taliban’s insistence, said Islamabad.

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  1. The world knows that it is Pakistan who has been suffering from the terrible condition in Afghanistan… I’m sure nobody would care for what this stupid ghani says…mullah Omar is dead now give us mullah fazalullah.Pakistan military should kill him where ever the f he is.

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