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Violating the truce, strikes resumed in Gaza


According to Israel, it resumed air strikes in Gaza due to Palestinian militants fired rockets following the end of a three-day truce on Friday morning.


The Israeli army termed the renewed rocket assaults as unacceptable, intolerable and short-sighted.

On the other hand, Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, earlier rejected any extension of the truce, saying Israel had failed to meet its demands.

A ten-year-old boy was killed in fresh air strike near a mosque in Gaza City on Friday, the Palestinian officials said.

It is also reported that tanks and gunboats are also being used by Israel in its offensive.


However, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) earlier announced it was striking “terror sites across the Gaza Strip” in reaction to renewed rocket fired on Israeli cities. It claimed that more than 35 rockets had been fired at Israel since morning on Friday, which, however, did not cause any casualty as three of them were intercepted by Iron Dome ant-missile shield, while the remaining ones fell on open ground.

Earlier, at least 1,940 lives, mostly civilians, have been died during one month of Israeli aggression in the region. While Israeli government claimed of having lost 64 soldiers during the fights. It also said that 900 Palestinian militants have been killed since the beginning of operation against them.

Moreover, the operation which Israel termed as Operation Protective Edge was launched on July 8 claiming to defuse rocket fire from militants in Gaza and to devastate the network of mine tunnels used to target Israel.

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