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Using mobile phone while driving ‘big crime’, Saudi Cleric issues declarative


RIYADH: A Saudi scholar has issued a declarative against using of mobile phone during driving, saying it is a big crime in Islam because it may lead to catastrophe.


According to media, Ahmad Al Hssaini Al Shehri, a cleric in Jaddah’ has said to the congregation gathered for offering prayer that drivers commit a big crime by using mobile phone while driving.

Justifying his statement, the cleric maintained that such an act divert the attention; hence, may result in disaster. He was of the view that it is against the commands of Allah Almighty to use mobile during driving, it is forbidden to do any such thing which can be harmful.


The declarative comes only a few days after when assessments came out regarding the number of traffic violation in Riyadh. The figure informed that at least 12,000 traffic violations were recorded in a 24 hours in the city.

It has recurrently been noticed that number of drivers tend to decrease the speed of their auto when they happen to use phone.

Meanwhile, mobile phone has become a part and parcel in the life of majority of the people around the world. Mobile users have become so much habitual of using this modern era’s gadget that they even cannot maintain their focus while they hit the roads.

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