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US wishes Pakistan and India to reduce tension through dialogue


The United States asks India and Pakistan to conduct table-talk to lessen tension being prevailed in the region due to their hostile remarks for each other.


“I don’t have comment on that specific operation,” US State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said, while talking to media when asked if the US backed or was concerned over India’s cross-border strike in Myanmar.

“We encourage India and Pakistan to take steps to reduce tension and to move towards resuming talks,” he added but declined to comment on India’s strike on militants in Myanmar.

Rathke said that the relationship between India and Pakistan is critical to developing peace and stability in South Asia, so, ‘we welcome any steps India and Pakistan can take to reduce tensions and move toward resuming dialogue,’ he added.


He said that US would encourage India and Pakistan to take those kinds of steps, and US believe that India and Pakistan each have a mutual interest in addressing the threat posed by violent extremism and terrorism.

Moreover, the spokesperson also gave voice to his concerns over the Pakistan government’s crackdown on NGO ‘Save the Children’. He said that it is an international non-government organization that work on important issues.

Earlier, a same sort of statement over the matter was expressed by Department Spokesperson John Kirby saying ‘concerned about Pakistan’s crackdown on international charitable organizations and other NGOs’.

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