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US to continue providing military support to Pakistan in 2016 as well


The United States is willing to prolong assisting Pakistan military under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) for another year, said an official of defence ministry following a high-level talks between the two countries in Washington.


Pakistan had asked for the expansion in US support under the CSF, which aimed to reimburse costs Islamabad incurred in the war against terrorists.

The US-supported CSF established in 2001 to cover some of the cost issues countries face in the fight against extremism had basically to be wound up in 2014. The US extended the assistance for Pakistan till 2015 just before the expiration year.

“Now, the CSF arrangement will continue in 2016 as well,” the defence ministry official told the media.


As stated the official, the US is also committed to support Pakistan the next year; however, it is discreet to whether this support will continue under the CSF or if the two countries would form a new arrangement.

After the DCG talks, a joint statement was issued saying the US and Pakistan have talked about extending assistance for security and CSF. It said that both the countries welcomed the continued positive trajectory of the US-Pakistan bilateral security ties and admitted that this collaboration was crucial for peace and stability in this specific part of the world.

“They expressed satisfaction that bilateral security relationship had played a critical role in degrading al Qaeda and other violent extremists in the region,” the statement added.

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