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UNSC adds TTP chief Fazlullah’s name in Sanctions List


United Nations: The UN Security Council has put sanctions on Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Fazlullah, the think-up of Peshawar school homicide, for committing and financing acts of terror.


Fazlullah was put into the UN Security Council Al-Qaeda Sanctions list the other day and will now be subject to assets freeze, ban travelling, and arms prohibition.

The TTP commander, 40, nicknamed as ‘Radio Mullah’, was allegedly wounded in airstrikes in Pakistan’s twitchy Khyber tribal area last month. Reports have been circulated about his death in the wake of the strike but they are not confirmed yet.


The US had in January considered Fazlullah as a global terrorist and had spanked sanctions against him.

The Security Council Committee affirmed Fazlullah’s adding to its Al-Qaeda Sanctions List of individuals and entities for ‘participating in the financing, scheming, accommodating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or activities.’

Fazlullah was the chief of the Taliban in Swat valley and turned out as the Taliban chief after his predecessor Hakimullah Mehsud shot dead in a US drone strike in November last year.

Under his command, TTP claimed responsibility for the December 2014 attack on an army supervised school in Peshawar that left at least 132 children, 10 teachers and three soldiers dead.

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