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Train crash caused 40 deaths in India


New Delhi: The collision between a passenger train and a freight train leaves 40 people dead and 150 injured in Uttar Perdash.


According to the Indian Railways the Gorakhdham Express collided with a stationary goods train near a local station while heading towards Gorakhpur city.


The officials said that they are striving to calculate the definite number of those whose lives have been wasted away. While six carriages of the passenger train were derailed as a result of the catastrophe, on the other hand, the rescuers are trying to reuse those who are still ensnared.

On hearing the bad news, the newly chosen PM of India Narendra Modi, felt pity over the incident and sympathy to those families whose loved one are lost in this calamity.

Modi has also promised to establish a network of bullet trains besides inter-state highways.

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