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The sun will be at the top of Kaaba today


Pakistan: Today on May 28, the sun will be at the top of the Kaaba at 2:18 PM. The Muslims across the world could locate the exact direction of the Kaaba by erecting a stick at surface of the earth this afternoon, the shadow of the stick would be towards the location of the Kaaba. However, the Muslims of other countries could do the same practice by their own standard time.



This unique event happens twice a year when the sun comes exactly over the Kaaba either on 27th May or 28th May 9:18 GMT or on 15th or 16 July at 9:27 GMT. Similarly, the sun comes directly over the antipodes of the Kabah twice a year on 12th or 13th January at 21:29 GMT and second time in the month of November 28 at 21:09 GMT.

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