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The biggest cyber crime in the history of USA, FBI blames China


WASHINGTON: The hackers in US has attacked the informative system of homeland security and an important department of human resource, Office of Personal Management (OPM) and hacked significant data from the system.


This cyber attack on the government computer system has been termed as the biggest cyber attack in the history of US in which the personal data of about 4 million government employees have been hacked.

According to the reports of various news agencies, FBI has confirmed the incident of data theft from the government computer system and has also initiated investigation in this regard.


FBI sources said that important data has been hacked by the hackers, however, to tell about the nature of data would be pre-time.

The investigation team has declared China responsible behind this cyber theft and said that Chinese hackers had tried time to time in the past to hack US business secrets and technology related system.

On the other hand, Chinese embassy in US has plainly rejected the statement and termed it irresponsible by the US.        

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  1. As the fbi is hopelessly incompetent & murderously corrupt, they blame others for their failures.

    A Contemporary History of the Criminally Macabre United States of America:


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