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Taxi driver, Mohammed Nisar, returns £10,000 of Adrian Quinn


BIRMINGHAM: An honest taxi driver, Mohammed Nisar, had earned the respect when he returned the bag – containing £10,000 in cash – of a passenger who left it on the back seat of the car.


Mohammed Nisar who had been driving Adrian Quinn to Walsall Train Station in the West Midlands when arrived at his destination forgot to picking the bag to caught the train.

Adrian Quinn remained shocked when he noticed that he is without bag as he had left the bag in the taxi. Quinn said, “Losing that money would have been the end of my business. I was physically sick!”

Quinn was worried about the consequences as losing the cash would have been the end of his business. He said, “We have built it up from nothing for the last nine years and we are sole traders. We don’t have the backing of banks. It is hard work, but it earns us a living.”


Quinn arranged another taxi and went back to taxi stand where he traced Nisar sitting in his taxi with bag on the passenger seat. He asked Nisar, “Do you know what was in that bag? Put it this way, it is not a box of sandwiched or a newspaper. There is £10,000 in there.”

For the honest of Mr. Nisar, Quinn gave him a cash reward in an envelope marked “to my best friend in the world.” He also invited Nisar to his home for a family meal.

Nisar is driving taxi for last 15 years and in past he had returned lost goods to the passengers. He believes that honesty is the best policy. He gave message to other taxi drivers, “if they find something valuable just give it back.”

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  1. Wow, why is it not mentioned that Mr Nisar is of Pakistani descent?

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