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Taliban to re-elect Mullah Mansoor as successor of Mullah Omar


ISLAMABAD: Afghan Taliban have formed a shura to elect their new leader after the controversy raised over the selection of Mullah Akhtar Mansoor as the new Taliban leader.


Mansoor, the former aviation minister in the Taliban government, was elected as the new leader this week when the Taliban government officially confirmed the death of their supreme leader Mullah Omar due to protracted illness.


A senior member of the power leadership council said that the shura will give some time to Mullah Akhtar Mansoor to think over the issue and resign from his post.

Taliban faced break ups after the confirmation of Mullah Omar’s death, who had kept the Talibans united and the Movement going on during his whole life.

On the other hand, family of Mullah Omar said in their recent statement that they will serve the new leader if he is selected with consensus but will not support anyone including Mullah Akhtar mansoor if the leaders failed to demonstrate unity.


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