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Taliban attack Afghan government HQ in east, 12 lost lives


An attack by Taliban on head quarter of Afghan government on Thursday claimed at least 12 while injuring 80 persons, government officials told media.


The attackers first hit two truck loaded with bombs, followed by gunmen led attack in the provincial capital of Ghazi.

Khan Pacha Shirzad, a police commander in the city of Ghazni, told that one of the truck blew and killed eight off duty police officers who were sleeping in their residents near the area.


Zia Gul Esfandi, an official from health department, said three policemen and one civilian were also killed in the attack.

Provincial Governor Musa Khan Akbarzada said that at least 80 civilian got injured in which mostly wounded as a result of shattered glass.

According to Afghan officials, 13 attackers were also shot dead. The Taliban have reportedly to self acclaimed liability for the attack.

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