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‘Take up the sword’: Pakistani Taliban call for Jihad in Myanmar


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani Taliban on Monday appealed Muslims in Myanmar to gird up their loins to combat the country’s rulers, saying the Taliban’s resources and training facilities were available to support them ‘take up the sword’.


Ehsanullah Ehsan, spokesperson for the hardline Jamaat-ul-Ahrar group of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) movement, said that they shared the sufferings of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya Muslims minority.

Myanmar declines to acknowledge most of its 1.3 million Rohingya as citizens and puts a range of restrictions on them, such as family size, movements and access to jobs.

The country’s managed western state of Rakhine has become a tinderbox of crisis between the Budhist majority and the Rohingya, many of whom live in displacement camps in the wake of noxious unrest broke away in 2012.


Ehsan, in a audio message, addressed Burma’s youth: ‘take up the sword and kill in the path of God. No doubt, God is with us.’

‘Our training centres, our resources, training, people, everything is available to provide comfort to you,’ he added.

As the Rohingya issue is being highlighted on the social media, the concerns for Rohingya Muslims have risen from the Pakistanis. However, it is a rare instance of its type that TTP have decided to take initiatives beyond the country’s border.

On the other hand at the official level, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reportedly formed a special committee to suggest what Pakistan can do to support the Rohingya.

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