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Suicide attack claims six Nato soldiers’ lives near Bagram airbase, Afghanistan


Six Nato soldiers have been blown off as a result of a suicide attack near Bagram airbase in Afghanistan on Monday leaving three others injured.


As said the local Afghan officials, a motorbike-rider suicide bomber attacked a joint US-Afghan patrol while they were patrolling on foot through the village Bajawryan.

According to a statement by Brig. Gen William Shoffner, from the Nato-led Resolute Support mission, the attack took place at about 1:30 pm local time in the surrounding of the base.


“I heard a huge blast and turned my head,” said Attaullah, a resident of Bajawryan village, adding, “I saw a lot of smoke. I heard some alarms and vehicles, and saw helicopters landed in the rice field. They carried the bodies and injured into the helicopters.”

Meanwhile, in an emailed statement, the Taliban claimed responsibility, bragging off that the suicide bomber had been watching the foreign forces in the area and had struck at an appropriate time.

This attack is the deadliest on foreign forces in Afghanistan during past four months and happened to be occur just a week after suicide attacks on Kandahar airbase in the south and on a Spanish embassy guesthouse in Kabul.

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