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Smoke affecting Taj Mahal: Indian SC asks UP govt to shift crematorium


Supreme Court of India has ordered the government of Uttar Pradesh state to shift crematorium located near the Taj Mahal in order to keep the iconic monument safe from smoke.


The court had approached by the Supreme Court judge through a letter informing that the while marble mausoleum was under hazards of pollution due to smoke and soot stemming out from the crematorium.

Responding to the request, the court said on Monday that the state government could mull over shifting the crematorium away from the area of monument or replace it with an electric crematorium.


In Hinduism, the followers usually cremate the dead bodies using wood fires; however, as this method adds environmental pollution as well as causes usage of wood, the government has been trying to encourage people to use electric-powered crematoriums to avoid the hazard. Elecrict crematorium is widely used method across the world to cremate the dead bodies.

On the other hand, the Taj Mahal enjoys an identical entity of the country and it attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers from around the world every year. Its charm and the romantic appeal attached with its construction earn the country a massive income annually.

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