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Security tighten in India after ISIS urges to Jihad


Declaring war on India by the militants of ISIS, has provoked its national security to prepare for the nightmare.


The proclaimed ‘Caliphate’ of unofficial ‘the Islamic State’ has urged his likeminded Muslims to step into war against various countries including India. To which, Indian response emerged in preparation against the threat by stiffening the internal security and surveillance on Indian Muslims.

While the intelligence agencies were already analyzing the developments in the Middle East especially the offshoots’ impact on India from the insurgency of militants and surveillance on Indian Muslims reported to be fighting with ISIS, but the major worries for Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), raised with this declaration, are spreading out of the sectarian rivalry among Sunni and Shias Muslims in India.


“The issue has been discussed within the ministry and apprehensions about a conflict between Shias and Sunnis eruption erupting in the immediate future or later in the country are not being ruled out. An advisory in this regard has already been sent to various states but more preparations are on,” a senior home ministry official informed.

ISIS commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is claimed to urge believers to put on arms and start terrifying the foes of Allah in different countries including countries. A high ranked meeting, with policy division of home ministry held under Home Minister Rajnath Singh, given the mandate to revise and strengthening the security at vital installations and VIPs.

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