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Saudis spending big chunk of the income on telecom bills


According to country’s consumer protection association, telecom companies have been digesting about 30 per cent of individual Saudi income on providing them with phone and Internet services.
Nasir Al-Tuwaim, head of the consumer protection association (CPA) pointed out that the average utilization has been ranged at 30 per cent but some spend more than half of their income up to 70 per cent. Smart phone users are increasing in the kingdom. Only one fourth people are left behind in the race, according to a study. CPA chief Al-Tuwaim figured out that telecom consumers spend considerable amount of time and resources on phone calls and internet services. High cost of phone calls and internet services may be the reason of hikes in bills as Kingdom is among the country of the world with high telecom charges which are SR0.35 per minute. Another reason may be the lack of knowledge about telecom charges for roaming and internet services hit consumer hard. Saudi Arabia is an internet-hungry nation as more freedom may be enjoyed on social media than that of in daily life. 150 million tweets per month fabricated on tweeter in 2013, a 300 per cent increase than the previous year.


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