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Saudis propose ‘conditional’ ceasefire in Yemen for five days


RIYADH: Foreign Minister Saudi Arabia on Thursday announced five day ceasefire in Yemen’s ongoing war against Houthi rebels. John Kerry was present with FM Adel al-Jubeir at the announcement.


Jubeir told that exact date of ceasefire will be announced soon, he told that ceasefire would be just obeyed in a condition if Houthis rebel also halt the fighting.

“The pause will affect all of Yemen for a period of five days,” Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir said. “The actual date will be announced shortly as well as the requirements.

“This is based on the Houthis complying with the ceasefire.”

“There will be ceasefire everywhere, or there will be no ceasefire anywhere,” Jubeir told.


Yesterday, more than 100 civilians and supporters of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi were reported dead due to the Shelling of Houthis, as further the supports of Hadi decided to flee to the safer place they were killed on the boat, following a heavy clash between both the parties.

On Wednesday, sources also claim that area of Tawahi which was under control the local supporters, is now completely in control of Houthi rebels.

As earlier to this Saudis were looking for the ceasefire in Yemen in accordance to provide Humanitarian aid, but after this incident and the incident in which Houthis attacked Najran. It was said that Saudi along with its allies will increase its airstrikes and also start ground military operation in Yemen.

Contrary to this Saudi FM’s announcement for ceasefire soon, gives new hope to the hopeless Yemenis.

As earlier, UN told that majority of war victims in Yemen are civilians.


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