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Saudi King Abdullah lambaste at extermists


The King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, condemned the terrorists declaring not to tolerate them, in his speech at the start of Ramazan.


Islam is “religion of unity, fraternity and mutual support” but some people “lured in by false calls… are confusing reform with terrorism”, the king said, in comments carried by state news agency SPA. “Their goal is to sow discord among Muslims,” he said in an apparent reference to insurgents from the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (ISIS). The commanding jihadi group has seized northern and western regions in Iraq since June 9. Both Syria and Iraq have been occupied by ISIS which has declared ‘Caliphate’ for the whole Muslim world, its advancement in Iraq created a threat to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The Sunni Gulf kingdom which is home to the holiest cities of Islam, Mecca and Medina, is the neighboring country to Iraq with a 814 kilometer long common border. “We will not allow a handful of terrorists, using Islam for personal aims, to terrify Muslims or undermine our country and its inhabitants,” Abdullah said. “We are continuing, with God’s help, to face and tackle this scourge,” he said. The Saudi monarch also wished Muslims “security, prosperity and stability” over Ramazan.



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