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Salman Khan robbed by fans in nightclub


It is common in his films where we see him slapping and catching criminals, pickpockets and thieves; however, as reported by Indian media, the Dabang actor was robbed in a nightclub in Bandra and that too by four females.


Reports said that Salman Khan was taken by four females at a nightclub who appeared as fans of the him. Having chatting with them for couple of moments, the superstar went away to his team members, who were also there. In the meantime, as he realized that he left his stuff there on the table, he returned to the table but found nothing except empty chairs and table with no sign of his belongings.


The girls stole his bracelet, sunglasses and wallet. The people and his companions there advised him to file a case with the police but Salman declined to do so. Hence, it can’t be certain how much he had in his wallet, which he lost.

Luring, deceiving, cheating, and stealing others’ stuff is quite common and being prevailing in the congested city of Mumbai. However, this time, thieves didn’t even care about cheating their star.

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